About us.-
Welcome to Bután.







There is a place in Coronel, between Nahuelbuta and the sea, where the music, light and good taste come together perfectly to feel the difference.

On the heights of patrimonial sector Maule Coronel, 15 miles south of Concepcion, our Event Center Pub Restaurant reflected in its attractive minimalist spirit of the tradition inherited from previous generations forged during the conquest and subsequent industrialization of coal.













Since entering Butan invites a different experience, nothing has been left to chance. All details of its architecture and decoration are there to inspire and make you feel the mysticism of our southern land.



























Its facilities are designed to offer comfort and provide the best service to its visitors, who can enjoy delicious cuisine in an exclusive and warm atmosphere of relaxation, with a privileged view of the Gulf of Arauco and towards the mountains Nahuelbuta.






















































At dusk, Butan Pub Restaurant is transformed, releasing the glare of light and passion of its colors.


























  Las Encinas 80, Sector Maule, Coronel. - (41) 2496742 - 89761133 - 68360395 - butan@butan.cl